Boost Productivity

The Atrigam Platform allows you to set up a collaboration solution in no time. It provides you and your team with the benefits of a database, a chat application and a task management system combined (...and more).

  • Structure your work items
  • Invite Team members
  • Automate notifications
  • Stop wasting time on redundant emails and calls!

    How often do you and your colleagues search for information in endless email chains on a daily basis to validate information and set up calls to finally get aligned ...again?

  • Get rid of inefficient and ineffective workarounds!

    How much time do you and your team spend with homegrown spreadsheet solutions, chat-groups and other inefficient workarounds filtering out 80% irrelevant information?

  • Create tailored collaboration solutions​ on the fly!

    How often do you explain and discuss what is needed to be changed to work efficiently? What if you spent the time creating a real solution all by yourself?

Why do I need Atrigam?

  • Daily business is too dynamic for existing solutions.
  • Tasks and projects are getting more and more unique.
  • People need cross-organisational collaboration.
  • More transparency for better decision-making.
  • Daily business is too dynamic for existing solutions.

    No need to wait for weeks or months to wait for a solution for your daily business challenges.

    Atrigam enables you and your team to create tailored solutions in minutes. Adopt to the forces of change by editing them any time. Don't hesitate to create with Atrigam, even if you'll use the tool only for a few days or weeks!

  • Tasks and projects are getting more and more unique.

    So do the individual needs of people working together depending on their role.

    Atrigam has a super flexible way of dealing with roles and permissions. Anybody can be invited to participate and it's a breeze to define data-based rules which automatically grant or deny access to work items and delegate tasks.

  • People need to collaborate accross systems and organisations.

    Today most business tasks and projects need to be executed beyond the borders of organizations.

    Atrigam enables you and your team to collaborate cross organizations and systems along the value-chain. You'll be able to share precisely defined pieces of information as well as executable tasks. And you'll always know who is involved.

  • Limited transparency renders decision-making impossible.

    Correct and sufficient information at the right time is key when it comes to business decisions.

    Atrigam helps you establish the necessary transparency throughout your teams' daily tasks. Real-time insights, a complete history of activities, and update notifications for expected and unexpected figures.


Best-practice examples based on our industry experience.

Our team has been successfully driving digital transformation in various industries such as automotive supply and manufacturing. Atrigam is the result of first-hand, in-depth industry experience gained from managing daily business operations in different roles and executing transformation projects over the past 20 years. The use cases below are more than just theory. They have been co-engineered with people from different companies to increase daily productivity in different fields.

  • Escalation Management

    Kick off an escalation process based on a defined time-schedule.

    Automatically involve employees, get management insights and take appropriate actions.

  • Product Development

    Start a development project and invite people on-demand.

    They'll benefit from pre-defined role-based views and get notified on mobile for relevant changes.

  • Outbound Delivery

    Start an outbound delivery as warehouse employee and involve truck drivers.

    Keep track of the delivery and ensure the driver has collected the signature from the customer.

  • Your Own Solution!

We believe grabbing the Atrigam app and start one of our demos right away is the best way to get a first glimpse of the Atrigam platform and fully understand our approach.

The demos do not show the full scope of the platform. So please be aware that our smart collaboration platform supports any other business challenge where people, machines and sensors must collaborate to achieve common goal.

We are eager to learn more about your challenges and problems. Let’s discuss how the Atrigam platform can help you. Feel free to contact us at any time.

Want to try out one of our best practice examples?


Running an Atrigam Task flow is a lot about collaborate decision making. But how does your team know what's going on? Atrigam allows you to create simple yet powerful interactive insights for the data you're collecting.

  • Easy to use Modelling interface
  • Filterable, realtime KPIs and visualizations
  • Immediately available on mobile devices

Get Started!

  1. Download the mobile app
  2. Sign up and register your account
    You can sign up with phone number or email
  3. Run one of our demos and start to collaborate
  1. Log into the modeler with your registered account
  2. Create a new task flow
  3. Run it & share it!

New Features and Upcoming Developments

Apr-June 2021


While Atrigam-Insights help your team to crunch down essential numbers interactively for operative decision making, Atrigam-KPIs allow you to execute automated tasks based on those numbers (e.g. if the sum of a value exceed a given number over a given period).
  • Send Team-invites
  • Dynamically control workflow interactions
  • Apply calculations depending on a KPI
  • Case Study

    Our latest success story
    Allocation/Bottleneck Management in the Semiconductor Industry.

    The current supply shortage in the chip industry also affected the volume allocation management of our customer. Managing new volume requests and re-/allocating volumes required a solution which excels in efficient collabaration and adjustability to meet fast changing business needs.
    ⇨ Built in 1 day, global rollout in 3 days
    ⇨ 100+ emails/messages less per day
    ⇨ Improvements implemented instantly

    Download Case Study


    Our latest whitepaper on cost saving through digitalisation

    whitepaperCollaboration and networking are important, are frequently inefficient and reduce productivity. Especially busy people and scarce resources are affected by those inefficiencies. Even processes and tasks that are executed rarely often cause an immense amount of work because:
    ⇨ paperwork and excel workarounds are cumbersome
    ⇨ information must be searched for at different places
    ⇨ no change history and status quo available

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