Boost Productivity

The Atrigam Platform allows you to set up a collaboration solution in no time. It provides you and your team with the benefits of a database, a chat application and a task management system combined (...and more).

  • Structure your work items
  • Invite Team members
  • Automate notifications
  • Stop wasting time on redundant emails and calls!

    How often do you and your colleagues search for information in endless email chains on a daily basis to validate information and set up calls to finally get aligned ...again?

  • Get rid of inefficient and ineffective workarounds!

    How much time do you and your team spend with homegrown spreadsheet solutions, chat-groups and other inefficient workarounds filtering out 80% irrelevant information?

  • Create tailored collaboration solutions​ on the fly!

    How often do you explain and discuss what is needed to be changed to work efficiently? What if you spent the time creating a real solution all by yourself?

  • What our customer say

    „Atrigam helps us to continuously improve the way we work and master daily challenges in Sales and Distribution in a highly volatile market.”
    Stefan Zwick, Director Business Planning and Distribution, Elmos Semicondutor SE

Use Cases

Best-practice examples based on our industry experience.

Our team has been successfully driving digital transformation in various industries such as automotive supply and manufacturing. Atrigam is the result of first-hand, in-depth industry experience gained from managing daily business operations in different roles and executing transformation projects over the past 20 years. Our use cases are more than just theory. They have been co-engineered with people from different companies to increase daily productivity in different fields.

Watch our use case videos

Example: Tooling Invoicing

  • ”We strive to empower people through technology” - Andreas Geiger, CEO
  • Join our 15 min session to learn …

    · how a fully integrated, tailored solution can look like

    · how managers get full-transparency about all activities

    · what it takes to get your own tooling invoicing solution

Get Started!

  1. Either download the mobile app

    or go to the webclient
  2. Sign up and register your account
    You can sign up with email
  3. Start to collaborate
  1. Log into the modeler with your registered account
  2. Create a new task flow
  3. Run it & share it!

Want to know more before you start?
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