Automotive - An industry caught up in turmoil

Join us for a 15 minute meeting

  • The ongoing chip crisis, increasing material prices and the war in the Ukraine, require Automotive companies to act and adjust quickly.
    To succeed, digital tools are needed that can adjust quickly and keep pace with fast changing situations. Emails, spreadsheets and other workarounds result in inefficiencies and a waste of scarce resources.
    Consequently, our customers choose Atrigam to build tailored solutions themselves in days and collaborate smarter.
  • Example solutions built with Atrigam...

    · Critical Parts / Bottleneck / Allocation Mgmt.
    · Product Change Mgmt.
    · Tooling Invoicing
    · Price Increase Mgmt.
    · Operations Escalation Mgmt.

    ... in less than 5 days!

  • ”We strive to empower people through technology” - Andreas Geiger, CEO
  • Join for 15 minutes via MS Teams to learn more about:

    · Limitations of today`s tools
    · Empower people to collaborate smarter
    · Insights into Automotive customer use cases
    · Build a tailored solution in minutes
    · Start to collaborate smarter

    See how Atrigam transforms your way of working!